Broadcast Meteorologist at Kiii-TV 3 News
Corpus Christi, Texas
Rutgers Alumni - The School of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Hello my name is Sean Kelly. Welcome to my website dedicated to all things - meteorology! I am a recent graduate of Rutgers University and now a Meteorologist at Kiii-TV 3 News in Corpus Chrisi, Texas.

Planet Earth

Kiii-TV 3 News Crew

Meteorologist Alan Holt (Left) Anchor Kristen Diaz (Middle) Meteorologist Sean Kelly (right)


Kiii-TV 3 News Crew

Sean Kelly, John-Thomas Kobos, Kristen Diaz

Planet Earth

American Meteorological Society 2015 Conference

Taking a break


American Meteorological Society 2015 Conference

Conference floor


NOAA Satellite & Information Service

National Environmental Satllite, Data and Information Service


Climate Reanalyzer

The site shows weather maps generated from the NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS) model. GFS is the primary operational model framework underlying U.S. NOAA/NWS weather forecasting. The model is run four times daily on a global T1534 gaussian grid (~13 km) to produce 16-day forecasts. Here, we use 0.25°x0.25° (~30 km) output grids available from NOMADS, and calculate daily averages from eight 3-hourly timeslices starting at 0000 UTC.

Global Winds Homepage

The page above can be used as a wonderful tool in meteorology. It indicates wind intensity/direction as well as surface temperature and humidity over the entire globe. This can be useful in identifying the location of fronts and storm cyclones. Give it a try!

Surface Analysis Archive

The page above will give you the surface analysis map for any specific time and location within the past month or so. This is a great tool if you want to study not only where current cyclones and/or frontal boundaries are located but also where exactly they were located across the country on a particular day in the past.

Forecasting Models

The page above will take you to forecasting models in which meteorologist's use as a tool to predict impending weather!

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